Developmental Math Assessment

The Developmental Math Group now has a revised edition of the Developmental Math Assessment (DMA).  The new edition comes in five different grade levels (Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three) with two assessments per grade level except for grade three which has a readiness only.

 Each kit costs $200 except for third grade, which is $150.00.  The kits contain all the materials needed to give each assessment. 

The Developmental Math Assessment was written based on the latest available research.  It assesses the important Number Concepts, Operations, Geometry, and Measurement and Data and gives an individual account of each student’s strengths and needs. 

 The following is an overview of the purposes for the DMA:

  1.  To model a framework of early number concepts of what is important for students to learn in mathematics and what is important to assess.
  2.  To provide a developmental math assessment that can be used to assess number concepts, operations, geometry, measurement and data.
  3.  To provide a readiness assessment to determine if students are ready to begin grade-level work.
  4.  To determine each student’s level of understanding on grade-level expectations.
  5.  To monitor progress throughout the year.
  6.  To facilitate communications between teachers and parents so parents feel more informed about their student’s strengths and needs in mathematics