At home Grade Two Math Kit $120.00

$ 120.00

Get your son or daughter ready for math with this kit.  The activity book has activities for you to do with your child.  There are blackline masters that you can print off the internet to use.

The kit also comes with additional materials that you need to help your child with learning. 

  1. Activity Book for Grade Two – This book has 460 pages of activities and information to help you and your child with the essential concepts needed for second grade math.
  2. 2-color counters (20)
  3. 10 – Double Ten frame Mat
  4. 1-20 Number Path and Empty Number Line Mat
  5. 99 – 100 Board
  6. 120 Board
  7. Tens and Ones Mat
  8. Hundred, Tens and Ones Mat
  9. Hundreds, Tens and Ones on Cardstock
  10. Base-ten Mat
  11. Part/part/Whole Mat with sections for Word Problem Solving Mat on other side
  12. 6-sided dice (2)
  13. 10-sided dice (2)
  14. Bear Counters (10)
  15. Pattern Blocks (1 of each shape)
  16. 6-inch foam Ruler with 1 inch markings
  17. Analog and Digital Clock Mat
  18. White board and dry erase marker