Message for Teachers

During our journey as educators of young children, we became very concerned about our students who struggled in mathematics. We noticed two types of struggling students:

  1. those who did not understand math
  2. those who looked like they were performing at an acceptable level, but on closer examination they were not. These children were rote learners not conceptual learners.


We knew we needed to do something different to help all of our students. We began by examining the current research on math and the young student. We determined that:

There are essential number concepts that form the foundation for later math learning.

Between age 3 to 8, students develop this foundation for success in later mathematics.

Teachers AND parents need to start earlier. A number of children are lacking opportunities and experiences at home and at preschool. These children are entering kindergarten with as much as a three-year gap in their understanding of number and this gap continues to widen as the child progresses in school. 

Visual modeling is necessary for conceptual math understanding which is very different from rote memorization.

Assessments are critical to identify at-risk students—rote learners.

We did not find the assessments and materials to address all of these concerns, so we decided to start Developmental Math Group and develop them ourselves. At the same time, the new Common Core State Standards were also being developed and we knew teachers would need support meeting them. 

As we continue our journey guiding teachers through professional development, we enjoy sharing our passion for teaching with you and hope that everything we do ends in our common goal:

To ignite the excitement and love of math in young minds of today for future success tomorrow.