Professional Development


Our Mission:  To ignite the excitement and love of math in young minds of today for future success tomorrow by creating foundational math materials and providing support for educators 



DMG's professional development

•  Provides an in-depth understanding of what math concepts need to be taught at each grade level from    Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Two.

• Shows how to develop this understanding when teachers become active learners using resources, activities and tools.

•  Informs about effective means for assessing the development of the concepts and understanding.

 All the information presented is based on current research and content in the Common Core.

 Teachers will leave with knowledge about math concepts, about students’ mathematical development and about applying what was learned to their classroom. 

 We can also provide an in depth understanding of the Common Core including Mathematical Practices and Situations.

Here is what some of the teachers said:

 “Debra and Karen were very professional and organized.”  


“I have been teaching for over 30 years and this was the best in-service that I have ever attended.”  


“Thank you for sharing your passion for teaching math to young children.  I cannot wait to get back into my classroom and make a change.”                


“I now have a better understanding of the Common Core and what it means for me at my grade level.  The changes that I will make will impact my students in a positive way.  Thank you for giving us clear explanations and targeted ideas to use in our rooms.”


“Your expertise and ability to show the teachers how to implement the Common Core while learning the essential number concepts was invaluable to the teachers.”  Curriculum Director