Preschool Ages 3-Pre-K

Children as early as three can begin to develop number sense. It is the goal of the Developmental Math Group (DMG) to provide information and activities that will encourage young children to develop pre-number concepts that will lead to flexible thinking and the foundation for developing number concepts.

  • Matching, finding similar attribute(s) between two or more objects.
  • Sorting, arranging objects in a set by agreeded upon attribute(s)
  • Comparing, observing simmilarities or differences
  • Ordering, using the same rule to arrange objects
  • Subitizing, instantly recognizing a small number of objects without counting

DMG provides resources, information, and an assessment (DMA) to support student development in all of the pre-number concepts.

Check out Connect the Dots - our monthly newsletter that highlights the different pre-number concepts with information and activities to support the development of each concept.