Message for Parents

Whether you are a parent of a first grader or the grandparent of a three year old, you probably have been reading to him or her since they were born. You  know how important literacy and language development are, but did you know that "math literacy" is just as important? Do you know what you can do as a parent or grandparent to help your child develop math literacy? Unfortunately, this information is not as readily available which is why we are so happy you found us!

As educators of young children, we watched our own students struggling in math and knew we needed to do something different. We researched and discovered that:

There are essential number concepts that form the foundation for later math learning.

Between age 3 to 8, students develop this foundation for success in later mathematics.

Teachers AND parents need to start earlier. A number of children are lacking opportunities and experiences at home and at preschool. These children are entering kindergarten with as much as a three-year gap in their understanding of number and this gap continues to widen as the child progresses in school. 

Visual modeling is necessary for conceptual math understanding which is very different from rote memorization.

We did not find the materials to address all of these concerns as teachers and we noticed the lack of support for parents, so we decided to start Developmental Math Group. 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement when your child realizes they understand something for the first time. Just like a sponge soaks up water so does your child soak up information. We hope our products help you and the children most important to you, and that you all develop a lifelong love of math!