Developmental Math Assessment


To ignite the excitement and love of math in young minds of today for future success tomorrow.

The Developmental Math Group now has a revised edition of the Developmental Math Assessment (DMA).  The new edition comes in five different grade levels (Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three) with two assessments per grade level except for grade three which has a readiness only. 

Each kit costs $200 except for third grade, which is $150.00.  The kits contain all the materials needed to give each assessment.  

The Number Concept Activity Book is included in each kit.  This book provides activities to support the number concepts assessed.

This assessment was written based on a review of the latest research literature as well as alignment with the Common Core.  To help teachers, a correlation sheet for both the readiness and the grade level assessment to the Common Core is included in each kit.