Activity Books for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2

Our activity books are designed to help teachers know what essential math concepts to teach at each age/grade level.  Each section begins with a discussion of the concept to be taught followed by engaging, interactive, sequenced instructional and practice activities for students. There are also formative assessments throughout each concept so teachers can monitor student work.

Mathematics for primary students has not received the same attention as early readiness for reading.  As a result, gaps in essential early math concepts exist among children who enter kindergarten.  If students do not develop an understanding of the most important early math concepts during their pre-kindergarten and primary years, they will not develop number sense or the foundation needed to be successful with mathematics in subsequent years.  Consequently, the gap will widen.

“Number sense is sometimes defined as having good intuition about numbers and their relationships.  It develops gradually as a result of exploring numbers, visualizing them in a variety of contexts and relating them in ways that are not limited by traditional algorithms.” (Howden, 1989).

Every effort should be made to guarantee that all students leave second grade proficient in these essential early math concepts.  Teachers in grades three, four and five may need to use these books to provide intervention to students who have gaps in these concepts.