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More Math Materials to Support Students' Understanding

24 April, 2013

 We are pleased to announce that we have produced more products to help students.  Our new products are:

1-120 board - First grade students need to know numbers to 120.  This board helps them see what happens when the count goes over 100.  In second grade students need to count to 1000.  Using this board, the teacher and student can look for patterns and identify what happens when numbers go past 100.

1-20 Number Path - Young children should be using a number path not a number line.  This line counts to 20 with one-inch squares that can be used to keep track of counting objects.  This path offers students an understanding of a number line and can transition to the number line in grade 2.

Part/Part/Whole Mat - Research states that the most important  number concept that a child needs to learn is part/part/whole.  With this knowledge, students are able to flexibly work with numbers because they have many ways to see different numbers depending on the situation that they are faced with.  For example:  if a student is adding 8 and 6 and knows that 8 and 2 make 10; then the student can make 6 into parts of 2 and 4 and see 8 and 6 as 10 and 4 or 14.  This is a much better strategy than rote memorization.

Individual Clocks to go with the Time Number Line Board - We felt it was important for each student to have their own clock when learning about time.  The mat provides a context for what the clock means and then the student can show what they know on the individual clocks.

Place and Value mat for Tens and Ones - Grade one students need to develop an understanding of our base-ten system by working with tens and ones.  This board helps the student build the conceptual knowledge by using small ten frames and also base-ten blocks.  

New Products Now Available

08 July, 2011

 DMG is pleased to announce the following new products to help teachers and home educators build the essential number concepts with their students.

Interactive Number Line

5 and 10 Frame Dry Erase Panels

10 and 20 Frame Dry Erase Panels

99/100 Dry Erase Panels

Bears and Chairs

Chairs for Bears

Red and Yellow Foam Counters


Please visit the product section of this website to see pictures and a description of each of these products.