Number Concepts

10 September, 2007

Students in Kindergarten, Grade One, and Grade Two must develop a sound understanding of number concepts to be successful mathematicians. Number Concepts are divided into four categories: word, quantity, symbol, and relationships.
Word – Students need to know the number words appropriate for their age level. They need to use the words in the appropriate sequence, both counting forward and counting back.
Quantity – Students should learn to demonstrate an understanding of quantity through appropriate object counting.
Symbol – All school-aged students need to know how to identify and write age level appropriate numeral symbols.
Relationships – At the heart of the number concepts are the relationships:
1 or 2 more
1 or 2 less
visual patterns
part/part/ whole and place and value
These concepts are critical for students to develop in the primary years. Many math educators believe that the number concepts and in particular part/part/whole relationships are the foundation for number sense.
DMG believes that Operations are best presented to young students after the student has demonstrated a grade-level appropriate understanding of the number concepts beginning at kindergarten. DMG provides resources, information, and an assessment (DMA) to support student development in the following areas:

• Addition/Joining
• Subtraction/Separating
• Multiplication/Grouping
• Division/Partitioning

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